Vienna evening research forum

Vienna witnessed a World first - an Obesity Anaesthesia Research Forum - followed by a lavish supper of course, we are a bariatric group - hosted jointly by SOBA and ESPCOP – and completely free entry to SOBA and ESPCOP members!

Eight oral trainee presentations, selected from the best in Europe of the past 18 months, were presented and judged by a very high brow international panel. Prof Jan Mulier from Brugges, Drs John Leyden from Sydney, Günther Frank from Vienna, and our very own Nancy Redfern, Vice-chair of AAGBI, all did the honours.

The results:

1st prize of €500 went to Jeeves Jeevananthan from Chichester for presentation;

Ideal body weight versus lean body mass – far from Ideal

2nd prize of €250 went to Tom Wojcikiewicz from London for;

High-dose intrathecal diamorphine in laparoscopic bariatric surgery

3rd prize of €100 went to Nick Daines from Chichester for;

Remifentanil and Post-operative Opioid Administration 

The standard was extremely high and this was commented upon by the editor of one of the major journals who was in attendance – high praise indeed!

Before moving onto supper and refreshments, there were two entertaining and strenuously fought debates:

Luc De Baedermaeker (Belgium) v Daniela Godoroja (Romania) argued as to whether Propofol TIVA is an unpredictable and inferior technique to volatile anaesthesia in the BMI >50. Luc managed to sway the audience in favour of the motion.

Thomas Gaszynski (Poland) v John Cousins (London) discussed whether High Flow Nasal Oxygen has replaced CPAP as the most effective pre-oxygenation technique in the BMI >50 and John somehow managed to prevail.

There was good use of videos, real clinical scenarios and excellent references to highlight the key points.

Congratulations to Luc and John on winning their debates

SOBA and ESPCOP members had free registration

The future ?

The evening was felt very successful and we intend to repeat it on the Friday 29thMay at next year’s ESA in Barcelona – so if you have anything that will have been presented in the previous 18 months by that date, or a brand new project, then plan to get out there in time – several of this year’s attendees even made a profit on the trip!  As ever, offering these events free to our members, and being able to offer such generous prizes, is only possible with the backing of industry sponsors, and we must recognise and thank Abbvie and MSD for their support.