Join SOBA for Vienna Research Meeting access


SOBA Vienna deal non-trainee (£25) and Trainee (£20)

For a very short time we are opening membership to all comers so that they can join us and ESPCOP for the evening research meeting in Vienna.

The normal entry charge to the meeting is €40 but for a short time you can pay £25 and get both entry to the resarch meeting and of course a whole years membership to SOBA. (training doctors will pay £20).

Besides the research meeting - This gets you access to SOBA resources and discounted entry to every SOBA conference for the next 12 months.


Join SOBA and ESPCOP for a relaxed informative evening sharing research and ideas with peers from obesity anaesthesia from across the whole of the EU.

We plan to review obesity publications and presentations from the last 18 months even if previously presented.

Entry is €40 or free if you are a SOBA member. So join for £25 and come for free ! 

Join us on Friday 31st May 2019 at :

The Vienna Hilton Plaza, Room Tango, Schottenring.