Sponsorship of SOBA

Without sponsorship - there could be no SOBA meetings.

The attendence costs for our meetings are the lowest anywhere.

We are a non-profit charity so the value of sponsorship to be able to book large venues and keep attendance fees so incredibly low is key.

When you interact with our sponsors - you are helping SOBA stay non-profit and for the membership and anaesthetists at large.

Platinum Plus Sponsors

Year round sponsors of SOBA events and projects for more than one consecutive year (and as per Platinum

Platinum Sponsors

Agree to sponsor all the SOBA meetings that year and receive a bulk discount. Often larger companies with many related products - usefully they come with great product support and knowledge

Gold Sponsors

Usually are just attending one day and frequently are smaller sized commercial entities. But their specialist knowledge and new kit make for great trade shows.

Silver Sponsors

Niche or specialist companies who sponsor occasional or single SOBA events