Annual Scientific Meeting

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th December 2020

6:30pm London time

This year is a COVID year and suddenly we, like all other societies, are faced with delivering up to date scientific content to our membership in a way that allows learning and yet safety. That historic model of a packed lecture theatre is gone for now and may not come back quickly if at all. 

We have partnered up with our sister organisation ESPCOP - the European version of SOBA, to deliver two short evenings education with stellar speakers, hot topics and of course an obesity slant to all things.

The sessions will be snappy and chaired by our teams. There is no realistic way of delivering sponsorship opportunities this year so we will miss out on the industry fair and associated learning. This will be back we are sure in 2021.

The meeting will be on-line & hosted using an industry partner grant from Medtronic. This means the meeting will be free - but you will have to register to gain access.

  • The SOBA AGM will move to a zoom meeting in January/February 2021
  • Registration for the ASM Dec 3rd & 4th will be available soon
  • There will be a major announcement at the ASM on Thursday Dec 3rd

In 2020 we will cover :

  • Obesity and the COVID airway
  • Aerosols and the Airway
  • A major IT announcement
  • TIVA in obesity
  • Opioid Free Anaesthesia
  • Consent and Shame in obesity anaesthesia